JinHong has developed itself as a first class auto parts company since its start in 2005. Our goal is to serve customers wholeheartedly as we strive for excellence. We want to express our gratitude to our supporters and everyone at JinHong, their hard work has played an important role in JinHong’s success.

In the ever changing manufacturing industry, the key to company success and development is innovation. The fast development of our company has stemmed from our innovations in: technology, management, and multiple operational molds.

A milestone of JinHong’s continued success is being listed in the SME Share Transfer System. This has motivated us to maintain a fast and stable development by enhancing out competitiveness and profit-making ability.


JinHong Auto Parts Company was established in 2005. Our headquarters are located on No. 001 Renmin Road, Yongji Economic Development Zone, Jilin City. JinHong is a modern private share holding group mainly engaged in R&D, production and sales of automobile parts, dies, checking fixtures, stamping products, welding and assembly, car interior decorations, fenders, engine manifolds, valve mechanism covers and other plastic products.

The JinHong Group is equipped with:

  • 11 Stamping production lines
  • 6 Welding lines
  • 1 Injection production line
  • 2 Tool production lines
  • 3 QC labs
  • Welding robots
  • Testing Center
  • 1 Tooling Center
  • 1 Prototyping Center


In the R&D center, there are more than 10 CNC,WEDM-LS, wire cutters and other processing machines. With the annual production capacity of 1 billion RMB, JinHong is capable of implementing the design and production of automobile parts. With the support of government and friends, JinHong has achieved great progress. Investments to improve technology and testing facilities, have laid the perfect foundation for the further development of JinHong. It is our aim to provide first class products and services to premier car manufacturing companies with advanced strategy, exceptional talents, skilled management and flexible operation.


JH Advantages

  • Has 7 product units and 1 office in China, excellent cross selling capability
  • 24 hour engineering support, global service to local market provided from Asia, Europe and North America
  • Stable sales growth and business development
  • More than 10 years experience in automotive manufacturing industry. Especially on mold and mechanical component manufacturing business
  • Excellent full wide manufacturing capability. Especially on 900T plus progressive meal stamping mold making and production in automotive field
  • Rich experience on commercial mold making and export business
  • Rich experience on various fixture making
  • Recently invested in many series of automatic production lines, which will improve JH’s efficiency of production
  • Excellent design and engineering development capability in automotive manufacturing industry
  • Powerful testing and measuring capabilities
  • Experienced foreign technical specialist team