Metal Fabrication and its partners offer a wide variety of high quality, cost effective metal forming, stamping, cutting, forging, threading, deep draw, fabricating, casting, MIM and welding capabilities with comfortable lead times. Almost unlimited capacity thanks to multiple factories with abilities that extend from simple metal stamping to complex aluminum die-casting. ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO/TS16949. We offer solutions in almost any metal forming method in almost any metal.

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Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping

Low and high volume metal stamping and forming of steel, and aluminum.  Both transfer and progressive stamping processes offer cost effective, high quality options for your application. partners have ISO/TS16949 certifications and are experienced Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers to VW, Audi, FAW, Toyota, Volvo and PACCAR.

Precision CNC

Complicated machined, turned, drilled, knurled, threaded, shapes in a wide variety of metals are available to customers.  Small quantity prototypes and very large volume production runs are subject to production and quality systems that ensure high quality, cost effective products with comfortable lead times.

Jin Hong Metal Variety

Cold & Hot Forging

With innovative progressive cold forging technologies partners can include blanking, stamping, trimming and forging techniques into a single progressive process, saving time and expense.  Small and moderate sized complicated shapes that previously required several processes are now cold forge options.  High quality cost effective alternative for small moderate and very high volume applications.

DIE Casting and partners can mold metal into complicated shapes utilizing either Die Casting, Sand Casting, or Metal Injection Molding (MIM).  Die casting for forming aluminum or magnesium into strong complicated, close tolerance shapes for high quality and cost effective automotive, medical, military and industrial applications up to 1 meter square.  Sand Casting offers a more cost effective solution when tolerances and finishes are less critical.  The MIM process using a metal/polymer mixture suitable for small complicated shapes. 



Extrusion and partners offer a wide variety of Extrusion capabilities and are able to offer high quality low cost solutions for your project. We are able to able to extrude a multitude of product including highly detailed heatsinks.

Robotic Welding / Laser Trimming partners offer a wide variety of secondary operations to trim, combine, weld, thread and finish metal shapes.  Robotic welding and laser trimming offer precision, high quality and cost effective metal finishing results for high volumes applications.  Partners are Tier 1 and Tier 2 ISO/TS16949 suppliers of metal fabrications for the automotive industry including fully welded Body-in-White (a car’s metal skeleton).