Digilant.net and partners can design and fabricate Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), from the customer's electronic schematic or Gerber Files, and manage the sourcing, population, soldering, assembly and testing of the complete PCB. Digilant.net's experienced USA and Chinese engineering teams can evaluate PCB concepts and suggest modifications to improve manufacturability and product quality. ISO9001, ISO13945, ISO/TS16949. Digilant.net can then manage combining the PCBA into a complete sub-assembly or finished product.

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Printed circuit board fabrications

Digilant.net has the resources to convert your schematic into Gerber files, validate the design, create prototype 1st articles for design verification, and then produce high quality and cost effective PCBs within a comfortable lead-time.

  • Multi-layer, single and two-sided
  • High Density Interconnect (HDI)
  • Fle/Rigid Hybrid Circuits
  • Flex Printed Circuits
  • High Speed and High Frequency PCBs
  • Metal Based and Custom PCBs
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Printed Circuit board assembly (PCBA)

Digilant.net can manage component population of your PCB with professional high quality board stuffing offering both automated pick and place and hand assembly when needed.  Digilant.net will source qualified vendors, verify the BOM, and oversee a high quality, cost effective process.  Digilant.net will ensure trace and component quality meet customer specifications. 

clean room pcba

Digilant.net partners have ISO13485 certification and clean room classifications to match customer specifications.  PCB pick and place, soldering, and secondary operations performed in certified clean rooms to ensure highest quality results.

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