Large International Corporations have the experience and infrastructure to manage complex Asia Pacific operations, many small and moderate companies do not. has this experience and infrastructure available to those who need it, at a fraction of the cost of developing it themselves.

We Got This


For over 20 years the people of have experienced sourcing and manufacturing in the Asia Pacific, and have vetted a group of professional well managed companies that provide high quality products at the China price.  These Companies are partners who interact with on a daily basis.  Through these Asia Pacific Companies become your partners as well. has product designers, tool makers and production managers with design and manufacturing experience in the Asia Pacific and the USA.  Low cost and high quality products will rely on these individuals, ensuring products are designed with efficient manufacturing in mind. Tool designers with include a  (DFM) step to identify ways to save cost and reduce production problems.


Management System has an experienced team split between offices in Shenzhen China and Anaheim California.  Communication and coordination is the key to bringing cost effective and high quality products and processes to our customers. 

• Product design capabilities

• Experienced “Design for Manufacturing” (DFM) processes

• Documented customer 1st article review and approval

• Verified sourcing of high quality components

•Documentation specific to customer’s product and process

•ISO9001 quality control systems

• Printing, packaging and logistics

Full customer visibility of project milestones and tasks via Zoho Project.  Customer audits of Asia Pacific partner factories encouraged.

Quality system

In addition to partners with ISO9001, ISO14385, ISO/TS16949 Quality Certifications, has its own independent experience Quality Assurance System to audit and verify quality control procedures. will create Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and inspection documents specific to customer process and product to ensure high quality results.  High precision CMM capabilities.  Full customer access to quality documents and records.  Quality Control Management in Anaheim California ensures direct customer communication and interaction with quality concerns, issues and resolutions

quality system


Coordinating the arrival of raw material, components and the timing processes are important to a predictable and dependable lead-time. has experienced managers in China that monitor the entire process to ensure your product is delivered as expected.  And since the unexpected is expected, we can minimize issues and delays that will occur through experience and professional issue resolution. 

IP Protection Strategy

China has a well-deserved reputation for acquiring others Intellectual Property (IP). recognizes customer’s concerns.  We start with Trustworthy Partners and have developed expanded strategies to protect product innovation and keep your ideas, yours.