With over 25 years of plastic molding experience in Asia Pacific, offers high quality cost effective molding options and solutions with comfortable lead times. We can offer a wide variety of material, colors and textures. ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO/TS16949. With experience from2-mm optical lenses to2-meter dash-boards, we can mold almost any plastic in almost any size.

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Custom Tooling and partners have the extensive experience and capabilities to make high quality and cost effective tooling for your product.  Starting with product reviews creating “Design for Manufacturing” (DFM) ensures your design will result in the lowest cost and high quality tooling.  With precision tool making equipment and experienced tool rooms, your tools will be world class.

After a structured 1st article approval process, tools can be used in production facilities, or delivered to the customer’s factory.

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INJECTION MOLDING provides injection molding capabilities from 5 to 2000 tons of mold clamping force and tools up to 2 meters square.  High speed molding processes, precision controls and robotic part extraction are the finest in the industry.  Medical (ISO13485), Automotive (ISO16949) and Industrial (ISO9001) molding with the ability to offer clean room molding.

Transfer and Over-Molding provides transfer and over-molding capabilities that allow molded-in inserts, terminals and connections.  Over-molding capabilities allow encapsulation of metal shapes, components and electronic systems. 

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Long Fiber Molding

Injection molding capabilities extend to Long Fiber Molding that combines thermoplastics with long glass fibers creating a molded composite offering increased stiffness and toughness.  Used in construction, building fixtures, water management and heavy trucks, long fiber polymer composites offer a robust alternative to plastic molding or metal fabrication for larger products requiring stiffness and durability.


For bobbins, headers and toroid mounts requiring terminations, has extensive cost effective terminal insertion in a wide variety of terminal shapes, sizes, materials and plating options. 

Mao Pin Insert