China QC Audits, quality system verification, Product inspections

Managed and Administered from our Corporate Office in Anaheim CA.

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China qc audits

Digilant’s China team of quality control engineers and experienced quality system 
auditors will travel to visit facilities in Shenzhen/Guangdong China and perform 
professional QC System verification audits to ISO9001, ISO13485 or ISO/TS16949.  
The team can use your Audit Form or use our form. Audit and Verify China Quality.

China Factory Inspections

Digilant’s China team will visit your existing or potential factory in Shenzhen /Guangdong China to verify they have the capabilities, management, technical skill and quality systems to provide the product or service required. Audit and Verify China Quality.
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China QC Inspection of Products

Digilant’s China team will perform a professtional quality inspection of products based on cusotmer drawing and specifications prior to shipment from Shenzhen/Guangdong China. Avoid the delay and expense of shipping non-conforming product. Audit and Verify China Quality.