About Us

"Digilant.net is a facilitator between Chinese manufacturers and your business. the rest of the world has been teaching china how to manufacture for decades, and they have been listening. let us help you find the best vendor, supplier, partner for your needs."

- Rich Barden, Founder and President

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  • China Facilitator
  • Project Development
  • Product and Service Sourcing
  • Suggest IP Protection Strategies
  • Audit & Verify ISO-9001 Certification¬†
  • Suggest Process, Materials, Technique
  • Extend Engineering & Technical Resources
  • Provide Quotes, Lead Times and Alternatives
  • Assembly, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Logistics

Meet our team

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Michael - Sales
Glenda - Customer Service

Maurice- East Coast Sales

Rex- West Coast Sales

Michael- Project Manager

Glenda- West Coast Customer Service

Jeff- Customer Service Coordinator

Rich - Operations Manager USA
Andrew - QC
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Hollace Caricature2
Susan - Marketing

Rich D.- Operations Manager

Andrew- Quality Control

Karin- Operations

Hollace- Business Development

Susan- Marketing

Yip - Operations Manager China
Fu - Engineer China
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Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 12.15.37 PM
Rich - President

Yip- Operations China

Fu- Design Engineer China

Bonnie- Customer Service China

Jessica- Quality Engineer China

Rich B.- President